Cerita Wedding Agreement Bab 8

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Before we dive into the details of chapter 8, let`s first provide some context for those who may not be familiar with the novel. “Wedding Agreement” tells the story of Tari, a young woman who is forced into a marriage with Bian, a successful businessman, in order to pay off her father`s debt. Despite the initial animosity between them, Tari and Bian develop a close relationship and eventually fall in love.

Chapter 8 of “Wedding Agreement” marks a turning point in the story. Tari discovers that she is pregnant with Bian`s child, and must now navigate the complexities of their relationship as they prepare to become parents. The chapter is filled with emotional highs and lows as Tari comes to terms with the fact that she will soon be a mother, while also grappling with the uncertainty of her future with Bian.

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